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Based in Melbourne, Australia, Odyssey Travel is an experienced and well respected travel agency that provides a wide range of services. Although based in Melbourne, the agency has developed into one of the largest Chinese travel companies in Australia. Established in 1997, Odyssey Travel has dedicated almost 20 years to being at the forefront of travel consultancy through ensuring that staff’s unremitting efforts are on par with international standards. Over the years, Odyssey Travel has created an extensive service network and a reputation as an international tourism expert, with numerous accolades and top rankings in Australia’s tourism sector.


The qualifications of Odyssey Travel are enriched by the numerous collaborations and partnerships we have with various international enterprises, businesses and student organisations. These partnerships involve offering an abundance of high quality travel services that are specifically tailored for our partners and our clientele. We have successfully collaborated with the Central Ministry of Finance, public security, Hebei water resources, Ministry of Civil Affairs and Tianjin University.



Our travel agency excels at providing high end travel services: luxury business travel reception, summer camps, winter camps, offered tourism, golf tourism, wine tasting, hotels and other group tours. Our well organised and fun filled day tours are designed specifically for those who are travelling from different countries or even different states and are looking for exciting ways to explore Victoria. Whether from a government organisation or a private company, we cater to many groups of all different sizes.


Odyssey Travel has a strong team of professionals who have all been subject to extensive training. This coupled with advanced computer software allows us to provide a comprehensive and thoughtful service for our client base. Our efforts have been recognised through a number of accolades awarded by various groups. Our exceptional international and domestic ticket sales have been acknowledged via a number of awards including those presented by “Select Travel Group” at an annual awards ceremony as having the largest number of tickets issued in Australia; for seven consecutive years we have been presented with a “Diamond Award” for having the highest sales; as well as those awarded by Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines for the highest sales.


In addition to our exceptional ticket sales and organised tours, Odyssey Travel is also dedicated to providing transportation convenience to our clients. Not only are the day tours organised and run by us but we are the owner and drivers of the coaches that are used for the tours. We aim to provide the most efficient, safe and high quality service. All of our vehicles have licenses issued by the Victorian Government.


Orient Express Travel Group

Top 5 Agent VIC 2006
Top 5 Agent VIC 2007
Top 5 Agent VIC 2008
Top 5 Agent VIC 2009
Top 5 Agent VIC 2010
Top 5 Agent VIC 2011

Cathay Pacific Airways

Top 12 VFR Agencies in VIC & TAS 2006
Top 12 VFR Agencies in VIC & TAS 2007
Top 12 VFR Agencies in VIC & TAS 2008
Top 12 VFR Agencies in VIC & TAS 2009
Top 12 VFR Agencies in VIC & TAS 2010
Top 12 VFR Agencies in VIC & TAS 2011
Top 12 VFR Agencies in VIC & TAS 2012

Select Travel Group

Diamond Award, Recognition of Excellence 2006
Diamond Award, Recognition of Excellence 2007
Diamond Award, Recognition of Excellence 2008
Diamond Award, Recognition of Excellence 2009
Diamond Award, Recognition of Excellence 2010
Diamond Award, Recognition of Excellence 2011
Diamond Award, Recognition of Excellence 2012

Singapore Airlines

Top Producing Agent Award 2009 – 2010

Relying on years of operational experience and mature business management experience, Odyssey Travel is confident to provide richer and more exciting travel products with a more preferential price for our customers.


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